abner the amazing


Unavailable for Download

This game is part of the 2011 AGS Community Bake Sale bundle. The games are sold as part of a bundle, with proceeds going to benefit Child's Play, a fantastic charity that seeks to enrich the lives of unfortunate children in hospitals around the world. Child's Play is a charity that is uniquely suited to gamers like us, as it is funded almost entirely by gamers and the videogame industry.

More Information Forthcoming

About The Game

A nefarious deed has been done! All across the land, the colors have gone missing! It's a good thing that Abner the Amazing was in the bar downing pint after pint of beer when it happened! Help Abner go on an epic (and slightly wobbly) quest to find out what happened to all the colors, and take them back!

Assuming he can find his sword first...

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